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AllCast user interface adapted for the big screen in its latest update

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The latest AllCast update has just hit the Play Store, and it brings some exciting new changes that users have been dying for. The biggest change is a new tablet-optimized user interface, so you won’t have to deal with a stretched out phone interface when you’re trying to find your way around all your content.

There are some other interesting changes as well, including a feature that will automatically pause playback on an incoming call, a refined user interface for browsing and viewing photos, and more. Oh, and a staunch declaration that Hodor should be named King for 2016.

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Adidas loading offline Spotify playback on its Smart Run miCoach wearable

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Adidas today confirmed the company has worked with Spotify to offer the music streaming service with offline playback on its miCoach Smart Run accessory later this year. The Smart Run, an Android-powered smartwatch, will require users to have a Spotify subscription, but will ultimately offer a complete music experience without internet connectivity.

The wearable runs Android and combines a smartwatch experience with a fitness accessory to boast numerous sensors and features. You're able to connect the device through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but WLAN is required to sync.

If you're a fanatic when it comes to working out and keeping fit, the Adidas miCoach program is pretty solid with coaching, performance monitoring and more. This is also good news for Smart Run owners as Adidas is showing signs of support for the product by adding desired functionality.
Will you be utilizing the offline capabilities when out and about?

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Google Now update helps you remember where you parked your car

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Google Now just keeps getting better and better. The latest update adds a handy new feature for those who can’t seem to remember where they parked their cars. The app will use its location wizardry to figure out where you parked your car, and will remind you of its location should you happen to forget.

It won’t pinpoint its exact coordinates for you, but should give you a pretty good idea of its general area and save you the time it’d take to hunt it down. Neat. Simple. Useful. One of those features you didn’t know you needed, but might come to appreciate should you ever happen to get a mild case of amnesia. The update is rolling out now over in the Google Play Store so point your phone there and let it go to work.

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